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Server & Application

Areas of Expertise

Here at Lamp Bristol we specialise in the build and support of your application.

php frameworks

Symfony and Laravel are the foundation to all of our bespoke build projects. We recommend using these frameworks if a client's application is likely to have many complex user interactions. They provides us with a system which is easier to add new features and services to, as the client's business grows.

javascript libraries & frameworks

We currently use standard JS and jQuery for most dynamic elements required by our clients' websites. We have also worked with Angular 1 and are currently in the process of testing Angular 4 and Vue JS.

repository management

Git is our SCM of choice. Most of our client work is hosted on either github or bitbucket. Both of these services include code review tools which we use. Every single line of code written by Lamp Bristol is reviewed by at least one of person. 

When cloud based services are not appropriate we host git repositories on Gerrit, which also doubles up as a code review tool.

html frameworks

We use Bootstrap 3 & 4 for the majority of our front-end development work. It provides us with a simple extendable base and supports a wide range of modern browsers and devices; all backed up by a great community. 

css, sass & less

Our new projects are all built with SASS and Gulp. We do have extensive experience of using LESS if part of an existing project. Where clients are using CSS we can help them migrate those styles to SASS and set them up with Gulp or Grunt build scripts.

Unit & End to End Testing

Testing comes as standard on all projects we work on. We do everything from unit testing right through to system testing using tools such as PHPUnit and Selenium.  Where possible tests are automated.

The high test coverage we have on all our projects leads to fewer bugs. It also enables us to new add or change existing feature without breaking current functionality.  

content management systems

Drupal is an open source CMS with access to thousands of 3rd party modules/libraries and themes, all of which provide added functionality. We use Drupal for simple content management applications where administrators require complete control over a site's content.

CONTINUOUS integration

Continuous Integration (CI) is used for all our projects. Currently Circle CI is our tool of choice. In the past we've used Jenkins. CI ensures that every commit has passing tests. Linting, code format checking and static analysis are also included as part of the CI build process.


Depending on the clients needs we use either MySQL or PostgreSQL.