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Lamp Bristol are able to tackle a range of complex problems. The descriptions below describe the business objectives we can help you achieve, along with specific services and capabilities that we have. At our core we're a technical agency with a strong focus on ensuring delivery of business benefit and RoI to our customers.

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Platform Economics & Digital Transformation

Create New Business Opportunity

Today, a good digital platform can be regarded as a business framework. Such frameworks enable businesses to unlock significant value by controlling the interface between consumer and provider, without having to carry the costs of providing the services. Frameworks also enable the rapid, cost effective build of future products. Well-engineered digital services and platforms enable organisations to genuinely embrace digital transformation

Customer Experience

Make Design Happen without Compromise

Being customer centric is changing organisations’ structural, cultural and technological functions. The ability to provide frictionless, robust, well engineered digital service will ultimately define business success. Lamp Bristol can build the products and services to deliver superior customer experiences.

Employee Experience

Improve Customer Retention

Improving the working environment for employees can lead to a more productive, efficient and happy workforce. Well designed digital services which can integrate with existing systems and introduce automation are a key part of this. Lamp's expertise in the design and build of digital products and services can help organisations to improve their employee experience.


software development

web applications

SaaS build

Cloud migration and development


Complete digital platform build

Data strategy and API design


Business Analysis

Data & Information Architecture

Full Stack Web Development


Architectural Design

API Design

Agile Delivery

Web Security

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