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Enabling Digital Transformation - the Journey From Complex Web App to Digital Platform.

At Lamp Bristol we’re often building digital services with the initial aim of improving the end-customer experience. However, often the end game for our clients is enabling digital transformation, utilising technology solutions to disrupt their industry’s value chain.These organisations are moving into building ‘genuine’ digital platforms.

For companies that control the interface between the consumer and the provider of goods or services, the potential value is huge. Household names such as JustEat, Uber, Rightmove and Airbnb demonstrate this. Such organisations don’t need to carry the costs of providing the actual service but take a cut from the millions of service suppliers and consumers that buy ‘through’ them. Today it is much more useful to think of a platform as a business framework, which can ultimately unlock huge future value. Focusing on building towards platforms, rather than products is key here. Companies should invest in platforms with the ambition that future products can be developed faster and cheaper than if they built them stand-alone.

When building platforms, a disciplined agile approach, such as the one we advocate at Lamp Bristol is crucial. The ability to build a platform which is robust and scalable, whilst not knowing today what services may be delivered tomorrow is critical. Embracing good architectural and software development principles are key to ensuring that the technology provides a future-proof platform.

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