We think about quality from different perspectives

We design digital products and services that are a pleasure to use, providing a frictionless user experience that feels great to interact with.


We build the right product - based on user research we design products that ensure value is created for the user by satisfying the right user needs, in the right way.


We build the product right – we are experts in the software development process right across the development lifecycle. Our approach to translating user needs into functional, working software ensures robustness, reliability and performance.


We do all this within our user-centric agile approach which ensures we are always mindful of the needs the product or service is addressing and that we communicate about these needs appropriately. Our devops approach feeds back operational and user experience to refine and improve the product.


Underpinning all of this is a culture of striving for the optimal result for our customer and a commitment to continuous self-improvement both as a team – through retrospectives and honest feedback and mentoring – and as individuals, right across our organisation.


Read more about some of the specific aspects of quality that we are passionate about here.

contact us: team@lampbristol.com

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