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Ian Smith


Ian smith

Ian had ambitions to be a yacht designer, but quickly figured out he was better at working with computers. After studying MediaLab Arts he cut his teeth in the commercial world, freelancing and working in-house as a front and back-end developer for agencies.

Having experienced various roles and ways of doing things, he noticed his best work always happened on projects where he had a direct client relationship. As well as being more fun, it led to a deeper understanding of the technical and commercial challenges, which in turn, resulted in better, more valuable, and more cost-effective solutions.

With this in mind, he set up Lamp to provide clients with a small but skilled team of developers. One that offered clients a best practice, real value for money and, of course, a direct line to the experience they’re paying for.

Ian has a knack for spotting project pitfalls and business opportunities a mile off. He’s also very good at getting his ideas across and talking about technology using words everyone can understand. Ian’s a great believer in keeping the lines of communication open during a project whether that’s via Skype, phone or face-to-face.

Outside the office, Ian loves cooking and watching box sets with his wife, and gaming with friends. Any spare moment he has he spends on his laptop getting to grips with some new technology.